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Thousands of travellers just here about Africa. Some have got the chance to immerse themselves into what it has to offer, others havent yet explored this amazing continent. If you are one of those who just read or hear about Africa but wish to delve into its unending charms, endeavor to start with East Africa.

For those who are not sure of the best local operator to take you around, Kruger African Safaris is for you. This tour company is not only experienced about the destination, but also has an exceptional and professional staff which will ensure that you have all the beauties and sceneries to your best.

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Our Must Do Activities in East Africa

We are here to show you what East Africa has to offer. Just book a remarkable Safari with Kruger African Safaris. Whether you choose to visit Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania or a combined trip, we are pretty sure that you will have everlasting memories. Below are some of the pursuits that every traveller would not wish to miss.

Why Choose Us?

We are Affordable
Besides offering perfect tour packages, our pricing is affordable and set according to the tourists’ needs. Just try us for a wonderful African Safari
Registered & Legit
Nothing is more comforting than dealing with a legit agency. You shouldn’t doubt us because we are a fully registered company and approved by the responsible authorities.
Great Staff
For the years we have spent in this field, it is no surprise that we have a great team that is full of experienced and professional workers.
Impeccable Services
We don’t aim at taking the client’s money, but we are here to ensure that you have a service that is worth your money paid.
Discount Offers
We care about our clients and ensure that you get everything to your expectation. This is why we define our self-unique by offering discounted price quotes.
We Know more about East Africa
For the years we have served tours around this region, it is a shame if we are lacking some information about it. These four destinations are our priority and we have all what you may need to know.

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